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Describing a Child's Skin Condition

Terms used to describe a skin condition

Your doctor may use some of the terms below to describe your child's skin condition.


Thin, wrinkled


Fluid-filled bump


Formation of dried blood, pus, or other skin fluid over a break in the skin


Deeply-seated lesion that contains material


A scratch



Pink or white swelling of the skin


Abnormal mark on the skin


Skin that has thickened


Flat, discolored spot


Solid, raised bump

Raised bumps

Bumps that stick out above the skin surface


Flat, discolored spot

Pustule (pimple)

Inflamed lesions that appear to contain pus


Dead skin cells that form flakes


Fibrous tissue that has formed after a skin injury

Online Medical Reviewer: Haines, Cynthia, MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Ziegler, Olivia Walton, MS, PA-C
Date Last Reviewed: 2/12/2013
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