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Certain Breast Cancer Drugs Tied to Blood Vessel Damage

But findings from small study are unlikely to change current practice, doctors say

'Cold Caps' May Halt Hair Loss in Breast Cancer Patients: Study

Devices reduce blood flow to hair follicles during chemotherapy treatments

Could a Computer Someday Guide Breast Cancer Care?

'Watson Oncology' agreed with doctors 90 percent of the time in many cases, study finds

For People With Mental Health Woes, Pets Can Be Invaluable

6 out of 10 patients put furry or feathered friends at the top of their support list, study finds

Health Highlights: Dec. 9, 2016
  • John Glenn, Legendary Astronaut and Later Senator, Has Died

  • Drug ODs Caused Record Number of Deaths in U.S. Last Year

Health Tip: Help Kids Develop Healthy Ambition

Offer encouragement, but don't overdo it

Health Tip: Using a Food Thermometer

Here's how to do so properly

Study Sees Link Between Insomnia, Asthma

Lack of sleep also tied to more weight and more frequent health visits for those with the airway disease

Tamoxifen May Get Blamed for Unrelated Symptoms

Perceived side effects might lead some to stop taking the breast cancer preventative, study finds

As Obama's Term Winds Down, Resistance to Obamacare Diminishes

43 percent of Americans would like to see the health care reform law kept in place but amended, HealthDay/Harris Poll finds

Benign 'Toothlet' Tumor Found in 255 Million-Year-Old Fossil

Scientists spotted the jaw malformation in a distant forerunner of mammals

Health Highlights: Dec. 8, 2016
  • John Glenn, Legendary Astronaut and Later Senator, Has Died

  • Americans' Life Expectancy Falls for 1st Time in Decades

  • Discrimination, Violence Common for Transgender Americans: Survey

  • Trump Appoints Fossil Fuel Industry Ally to Lead EPA

Health Tip: Do Things as a Family

Exercise and eat together

Heart Failure Protein May Signal Early Brain Damage

Higher levels indicated potential trouble, study showed

Mummy of 17th Century Child May Alter the History of Smallpox

Virus might have appeared much later than originally suspected, researchers say

U.S. Surgeon General Calls for Crackdown on E-Cig Use in Teens

900 percent increase in use among youth in past 5 years; concerns about nicotine, harmful vapors continue

With Trump in Charge, What's the Prognosis for Obamacare?

Health savings accounts may play a bigger role; future of state Medicaid expansions remains uncertain

Yoga Called Good Medicine for High Blood Pressure

People who added this practice to a healthy lifestyle saw their pressure levels drop, study found

Young Adults With Head Trauma May Have Higher Risk of Jail Time

Potentially serious health issue is more common in prisons, study suggests

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