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Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter


You are planning to have a baby! You have come to the right place to learn the essentials of preparing for a healthy pregnancy, journeying to childbirth, and taking good care of yourself and your newborn. In the following nine issues of your Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter, you will find valuable information designed to help you every step of the way.

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Preconception

Are you ready? In the first issue of your newsletter, you will find that preconception planning is an important first step toward preparing your body for pregnancy. Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just the beginning of your preparation for a successful experience, and here you will find helpful topics. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 0-12

Congratulations, you're pregnant! You will find these weeks to be very exciting and equally important to the health of your unborn baby. Take a look in this issue at steps you can take to provide your baby the best environment in which to develop. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 13-18

This is an incredible time of growth and development for your unborn baby. All of his/her body's structures and organs will be formed by the end of this stage of development, and will continue to mature. Here you will also learn about the benefits of taking good care of yourself throughout your pregnancy. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 19-24

This halfway point of pregnancy is a significant milestone for you and your baby! You will begin to show your pregnancy and you may be able to feel your little one's movement. This issue explains ways to check on your baby through tests during pregnancy and by watching for signs of possible complications, such as preterm labor. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 25-32

During these weeks, you will begin more frequent prenatal care visits. The excitement will also grow as you experience more movement of your unborn baby. As you move closer to your due date, you will need to continue those healthy habits and watch for changes that may need follow up by your physician. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 33-37

You know you are getting closer to childbirth as your body adjusts and changes with the growth of your baby. This is the time to finish your nursery and take a tour of the location for the delivery of your baby. Don't forget to take time to create comfort for yourself during these sometimes challenging final weeks. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Pregnancy Weeks 38-Birth

By now you have talked with your physician about identifying signs of labor. In this issue, you will learn about labor and birth and ways to prepare for the final countdown to parenthood! <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Postpartum

You have welcomed your newborn into this world and now you are managing the physical and emotional changes that occur after childbirth. Look in these pages for information regarding the common challenges and exciting experiences new parents encounter. <<Read this issue>>

Healthy Pregnancy Newsletter - Breastfeeding

You've come a long way since your pregnancy planning! Now your focus is on giving your newborn a healthy start. Here you will find helpful ideas for mom and baby while breastfeeding. <<Read this issue>>

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