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Vaginal Cancer: Symptoms

What are the symptoms of vaginal cancer?

There are often no symptoms in the early stages of vaginal cancer, when the cancer is small and before it has spread. Most cases diagnosed in the early stages are found during routine pelvic exams. Vaginal cancer in later stages may cause symptoms such as:

  • Bleeding that's not related to menstrual periods

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge

  • A lump or growth you can feel

  • Vaginal bleeding after sex

  • Pain during sex

  • Pain when urinating

  • Constipation

  • Constant pain in the pelvis

  • Back pain

  • Swelling in the legs

When to see your healthcare provider

Most of the time these symptoms are caused by other health problems. But it's important to see your healthcare provider if you have these symptoms. Only a healthcare provider can tell if you have cancer.

Online Medical Reviewer: Howard Goodman MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Kimberly Stump-Sutliff RN MSN AOCNS
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Date Last Reviewed: 9/1/2020
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